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No 1676 Steinbach Nutcracker Rider



Thereís no more wonderful joy of course, than to fly over the earth on the back of a horse!  

Our nutcracker has also heard this saying. So a horse had to be brought here to ride not a donkey, mule or elephant  no, a proper beautiful Hannoverian horse, about 60 of which we have in our famous Hohenhameln riding-school in the riding club. Here we get our German riders fit for the Olympic games. But our nutcrackers were always quicker and longer at the Olympic station than our riders! 

Now, our nutcracker has of course fittingly chosen a rocking horse. It goes up at the back and front copied exactly in the Hohenhameln riding-school. 

Now of course you must imagine that such a mounted figure among our nutcrackers could be a magnificat cuirassier, blue dragoon, red husar or ulan. In the good old days there were fine class distinctions! Today itís the same with the car  and arenít there enormous differences? 

So, watch out  our nutcracker on horseback is certainly one of the most distinguished kind!


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