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No 1679 Steinbach Nutcracker Composer Mozart



An old STEINBACH catalogue shows a musical box with Mozartís string quartet on the front page. All figures, hand-painted in the marvellous costumes as they were worn in Mozartís days. (1756ó 1791) at the Viennese court. The musical box itself has a Swiss Thorens movement with 38 teeth and 2 tunes = 1. A little night music  2. Menuet (W. A. Mozart). 

Such beautiful works are irretrievable no longer possible today or absolutely priceless. 

It was good that a beautifully-made violin fell into our hands which our Piccolo-nutcracker really liked so of course: we had to get a Mozart. For the 1st time our nutcracker has swopped his traditional hat for a wig.  After all everything must be brought in line with former times. Yes, and now our nutcracker has gained some of the magic that comes from Mozartís music! 

It is also quite good, that we have this model only in junior size. It is like a symbol for the genius of Mozart who began a life of achievements at the age of six and died at the early age of 35.


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