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No 1683 Steinbach Nutcracker Old Wood Carver


Wood Carver 

In Germany the wood carvers are at home in the western Erzgebirge  in the area Lössnitz, Schneeberg (carving school) and Schwarzenberg but also in the Rhonbergen (carving school), as well as in the Alps and especially around the town of Oberammergau. Real craft with highly artistic works as well as mundane hobby works is manufactured here in many different ways. 

Our worthy master here is sitting on a very old carving bench which is no longer in use today. The workpiece to be worked is pressed by your feet with lever pressure firmly against the support. Rough contours can quickly be made with the pulling blade. Changing of pieces is quick and saves time, just the right tool to help to make a gross of the hobby horses that used to be so popular. Old Teubner, from Schneeberg, was the master of this craft and in fact honoured with many medals by the East German state. He was howerer very loyal to the Communist party, (a real bloody, red) a fact which made my father say he was politically a blockhead.

Carving bench songs are now popular as satirical songs in the same form as the minstrels in the past which can be very funny at festivals and weddings and party meetings.


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