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No 1701 Steinbach Nutcracker The Oil Sheikh


The Oil Sheikh 

Hello, this is the Oil Sheikh. 

Once upon a time all Ali Baba had to say to the forty thieves was: “Open Sesame” and the mountain opened up, revealing the wondrous treasures of the world, like gold and other gems. These days, of course, the most valuable treasure to find is oil! Therefore our oil sheikh has become a romantic figure again! Today everybody talks about oil and the ones who have it are the fairy-tale figures of our days. Look at the oil sheikh! Does he not look good with his dark glasses and Aladdin’s Wonderlamp? which he got from the fairy-tales 1001 nights. Now the lamp is fulfilling all his wishes.

Nevertheless it is not easy for him when you consider that the Arabs are allowed to have as many wives as they can afford. Our oil sheikh has 126. He has one golden bed for each of them and the little secret with it is — quite a few have been in family-possession (beds and women) for more than 50 years. Now we call him the oil sheikh because of the influence on the gasoline price he has in our daily lives. However, he remains a mysterious character for us. 

OUR NUTCRACKER Oil sheikh will tell you buy me and you will have great wealth!... 

After all, birds of a feather flock together!


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