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No 1703 Steinbach Nutcracker The successful Farmer


The Farmer 

Hello, I am the Farmer. 

I spend most of my spare time, working on my little patch of land, planting and sowing seeds and cutting down weeds. Itís always a great pleasure in spring to see the flowers, trees and bushes bios sowing and the fruits growing. 

Admittedly my crop is not always plentiful, because all kinds of birds visit my garden, and they seem to think that my cherries and lettuce have been grown just for their benefit. This of course, leads to trouble, and Iíve already had to exercise my brain to find cunning ways of shooing them over to my neighbor! With great care I have put in wooden sticks with propelling wind mills, or green yarn, or even scarecrows! 

And then a cheeky sparrow comes along and says: Look, now theyíve shown us where the food is! Iíve had enough of this though and Iím going to put my NUTCRACKER out there! 

He looks so awesome with his big teeth that I hope that the little birds and the rabbits will now be persuaded to go to my next neighbor door. 

Best of luck to him!


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