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No 1709 Steinbach Nutcracker The Mountain Climber


The Mountain Climber 

Hello, I am the Mountain Climber. 

Oh, what a pleasure it is to be on the mountain top, where the sun shines first of all and most of all... People from every area, both from the cost as well as intrepid hobby climbers from the more modest hills in Germany come to feast their eyes on the splendor of a high mountain range. In many places in the Erzgebirge one can find granite, slate and even basalt stones. This is where we boys used to go, and we tried to climb up over the bare rocks. On the other side on the Schneckenstein we were even able to break open the small granite cavities with a hammer. And what beautiful stones we found in them  rock crystal, yellow mica, even yellow topaz! These days I go to the Bavarian alps. For a lot of people it is easier to go up to the mountain routes by rail  and itís just as wonderful when you reach the top as if you had climbed the dangerous face yourself. And the popular sound is always the same: 

Oh, what a pleasure it is to be on the mountain top. ..


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