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No 1713 Steinbach Nutcracker The Nightwatchman


The Nightwatchman 

Hello, this is the Nightwatchman. Have you ever been to Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, that wonderful romantic town in Southern Germany? It has a medieval town wall for defence, towers and gates all of which have been preserved for centuries! 

Many towns in Germany used to look the same and in all of them there was a nightwatchman. When the gates were shut to keep out rogues at night it was his job to watch over the houses, the land and possessions of the people who put their trust in him. He carried a lance with an axe (halberd) and a horn which he used to blow continously in case of fire, just like the sirens of today. Every hour he had to sing in his sonorous voice the verse of a nightwatchman song, like this one at midnight: 

Listen people, listen well, twelve times strikes the steeple’s bell yet another hour is gone time continues ever on.


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