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No 1717 Steinbach Nutcracker Mrs. Gertrud of Nuemberg


Mrs. Gertrud Hello, here is Mrs. Gertrud. 

Once a week you can see Frau Gerirud in her market stall on the old market place in Nuremberg in Germany selling flowers and vegetables. Being an original market woman she has a sharp tongue and she does not have much respect for the authorities. For example it was just recently that Frau Gertrud called a policeman my boy which in fact ended in a law-suit. Frau Gertrud has been coming to the market place every week for more than 30 years now, come rain, snow or sun, winter or summer. She is always hard-working and busy and although she doesn’t give that impression, she is fairly rich. What she does is not really cheating but she always knows how to get her money from her customers. She is always laughing, smiling at you and telling you stories so you don’t really pay attention to the fact that you lost a couple of cents when you were just buying your ten oranges. Frau Gertrud tells you stories of this kind about her daughter: My dear Kiara if you always complain about your American friend being unshaven on your dates you should try to go to the date earlier. In America everything is different and even beards grow quicker”


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