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In my old family bible of 1736 according to the German Translation of Dr. Martin Luther, the 1st Book of Moses, Chapter 41 tells the story of Joseph, the legendary interpreter of dreams. According to this account, this story took place in the year 2289 of the Hebrew calendar, i.e., 1715 B.C. 

Joseph was the son of Jacob. His father loved him above all his sons because he was born to him when he was quite an old man. For this reason he had a very special, majestic and colorful coat made for him, which made his brothers jealous of him. 

As a result, they sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt where he wound up at the court of Pharaoh and soon became the chief overseer. His king had a very disturbing dream. In this dream he had seen seven fatted calves and seven emaciated calves emerge from the Nile. Joseph interpreted this dream correctly: there will be seven years of good harvest followed by seven years of famine. As a consequence of the dream, King Pharaoh together with Joseph began to store huge provisions of grain during the good harvest years. Soon came the seven years of famine. People from all over Egypt and Canaan had to come to Joseph to buy from the stored provisions. 

First they paid with gold, then with their livestock, later with their fields and homes and finally, they sold themselves as slaves. 

A lesson from the bible which also has meaning for todayís world. Didnít we experience something like this in Germany from 1944 to 1948?


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