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No 601 Steinbach Nutcracker Happy Santa

Happy Santa-There's an old German children's Christmas song that heralds the coming of Santa with the words: Tomorrow children there'll be quite a happening, tomorrow we'll rejoice in exultation.  Our home will be full of merrymaking and our hearts with joyous jubilation!

The annual arrival of Santa at Christmas-time has much the same effect on the heart's of children the world over.  And our Happy Santa Nutcracker, like all our nutcrackers, is no exception, fulfilling a very real function of creating just the right Holiday spirit during this festive time.  This was in fact the reason nutcrackers were brought out every year at Christmas.  Like the original soldier nutcrackers, they preformed their faithful duty and enhanced the Holiday atmosphere.  Now however, they are with us the whole year though and their meaning has gone beyond a more decorative function.  They have become symbolic guarding off all evil spirits.  This is why nutcrackers have large teeth.  Moreover, they have far kinder dispositions and look much better at the entrance to your door that a lion!

O Jolly St. Nick! Who imbued you with such power; that you now bring joy to everyone all over the world the whole year through?  You have a splendid group of nutcracker pals to keep you company.  They are the pride and joy of many avid collectors.

The significant breakthrough from the folkloric artistry of the individual cottage craftsman in the Erzgebirge to the development of a serious nutcracker industry took place in the year 1937 in Schwarzenberg at the largest Erzgebirge exhibition of folkloric products.  The patronage of Dr. F. E. Krauss (better known as the bathtub manufacturer) and the work of my father Ernst Otto Steinbach will never by forgotten.  They have sown for the fruits which we are harvesting today, and it truly gives us great pleasure to know that we have made so many people happy with our fine nutcracker creations.


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