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No 602 Steinbach Nutcracker Einstein

Einstein-A most complex individual indeed!  If there ever was a prototypical absent-minded professor, he was it.  You can tell by just looking at his hair.  It looks like he's never seen a barber in his life.  But oh what a genius he is!

Albert Einstein, the great physicist (1879-1955), was born in Germany, raised in Switzerland, was director of the Kaiser-Wilheim-Institute for Physics in Berlin and then taught at Princeton University in the U.S.A. in 1933.  One of his most important discoveries and best know contributions is his ground breaking work which led to his Theory of Relativity: E = mc˛. (E stands for Energy, m stands for mass).

He investigated and proved his scientific theories by utilizing simple methods.  An enormous amount of practical knowledge has long since been derived from his theories.  It was Einstein's experiments that led Max Planck to the discovery of the transformations that take place and the enormous energies that are released by splitting the nucleus of an atom.

It was this discovery that ushered in a new era, the era in which we now live the Atomic Age.


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