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No 603 Steinbach Nutcracker The Rosenkavalier

The Rosenkavalier-It is a statistical fact that here in Europe, six times as many flowers are given to the ladies than is the case in the United States.  The giving of flowers is customary on both sides of the Atlantic as a special way of acknowledging a favor or an important event and also of showing affection, and it almost always brings great joy to the recipient.  For Europeans the red rose is an expression of love, harmony, beauty and tenderness.

The word Rosenkavalier (meaning Cavalier of Knight of the Roses) is the name of the romantic comedy written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal.  The music for this theatrical piece was composed by Richard Strauss for his romantic opera which had its premier in the year 1911 in Dresden.

The uplifting, almost spiritual effect of a bouquet of roses with its unmistakable fragrance is a cultural tradition from the good old days that still elicits the same wonderful reactions today as it did back then.  If you should ever happen to come to Hildesheim near Hannover; then don't forget to see the 1000 year-old rosebush that still blooms to this very day right next to the cathedral there and has become they symbol of an entire city.


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