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No 607 Steinbach Nutcracker The Musical Cowboy

The Musical Cowboy-In America’s “Wild West” — especially in Texas around 1820 to 1840, the cattle-herders or ‘cowboys” on horseback there lived and worked utilizing methods and equipment borrowed from the Mexicans. To this day they are still world-renowned as exceptional horseback riders, excellent marksmen and superb scouts. 

The cowboys used to drive their herds to the cattle and livestock markets in the Midwest. But because of the construction of the railroad, which now handles most of the livestock transport, a good deal of the life style and romance of the cowboys has been lost. What has remained are their songs, their large ten gallon >‘Stetsons~ and of course, their whiskey. 

There are still some cowboys working on the huge ranches of North America and every now and again you can still hear the old cowboy tune: “The Yellow Rose of Texas”. The weekly “westerns” on television let us relive the long and arduous trek to the West and recapture the many hardships and tribulations that the early pioneers and cowboys had to endure in settling this vast land.



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