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No 610 Steinbach Nutcracker Merlin

A great magician and seer is MERLIN. He was in fact the secret protector and guardian of king Arthur from the day of his birth. He had his own special seat among the noble knights at the legendary Rlound Table. His peerless magical crystal ball gave him the power to perform extraordinary feats and wonders. With Merlin’s help, the gallant knights in their life-long quest for the Holy Grail were able to conquer foreign lands, storm mighty fortresses and overcome the guile, intrigue and cunning of damsels in distress. Merlins always at your service. His divinations and prophetic counsel forecast good fortune and a Long and happy life. 

Legend has it that the immortal Merlin ~s still on this earth. He supposedly steeps under an enormous stone, wakes up once every six years for only one hour, and then falls asleep again. 

Always be mindful of the day and of the hour — Merlin will show you the way to clarity, to love and to good fortune in this life. 

Merlin in this magical work of woodcrafting wizardry appears in the form of a STEINBACH-Nutcracker in a strictly limited worldwide edition of only 7200 pieces. He is a precious and valuable collectors item.


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