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No 611 Steinbach Nutcracker The Linen Weavers

The Linen Weavers-There were two things that induced me to make a linen-weaver. First is the memory of the meticulously clean linen laundry in my grandmother’s household and second is the drama >‘The Weavers< (Before Sunrise) by Gerhart Hauptmann (Nobel Prize for Literature in 1912) — a play, that deals with the destitution of the linen-weavers during the time of the Industrial Revolution. The new automatic weaving looms destroyed a handcraft, that had been centered for generations here in Germany in the area of Silesia and of the Upper-Lausitz. 

Fresh, satiny-soft linen is still the pride of every housewife. Pure linen in warf and woof must be made of flax-yarn, and half of at least 30 % flax-yarn. 

Even in ancient times highly civilized cultures made use of linen fabric. It can even be found in the swaddling bandages of the mummies of ancient Egypt. Linen fabric is still the best quality, is durable, difficult to tear and can be boiled and still retain its shape and texture. 

After all is said and done, there’s still nothing quite like sleeping on grandmother’s freshly laundred linen bedsheets!


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