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No 612 Steinbach Nutcracker Lotto Man

Lotto Man-All his life my father played the South German Class-Lottery, which is underwritten by the Federal districts in the South of Germany. With the exception of a couple of free tickets, he never won anything. I inherited the lottery “bug” from my father and so I just go right on playing week after week, month after month. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever win the big jackpot.

 A consolation for me is that they say, if you’re not lucky at gambling, you’re lucky at love! I’m still waiting to see if that’s truel Every Wednesday and Saturday, people here in Germany sit gaping at the ‘boob-tube” as if hypnotized. That’s when they show the results of all the different lottery games: the weekly, the bi-weekly, the daily, the Super-Jackpot, the Pick-4, the Pick-10 and on and on it goes. Naturally you’re only lucky if you have the right numbers. And of course, everyone has his own system. When all is said and done, you’re probably better off with our little Lotto-Man. Simply turn the big wheel, count the number of clicks and write down the number. There’s a guaranteed winner every time! Of course, all you will need is a “lucky hand”!


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