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No 614 Steinbach Nutcracker The Prophet

The Prophet-Whenever there’s a discussion about the prophets of old or the “Nabi” (as they are called in Yiddish), then I get out the old family bible, which contains, as it says inside the jacket, the entire Sacred Scriptures — both the Old and the New Testament according to the German translation of Martin Luther — printed under license of his royal highness in Hof in 1736 by J. Gottlieb Vierling. Therein it heralds the news of the Last Judgement Day before Yahweh proclaimed approximately 2000 years before Christ (about the time of Samuel). 

The bible mentions four great prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. The twelve lesser prophets of the Old Testament correspond to the 12 Apostles in a seated or standing position above the figures of the prophets. At the royal entrance portal in Bamberg you can still see this depiction. The prophets were also characteristically portrayed with long robes and beards to symbolize knowledge and wisdom. Their visionary thinking moved the heavens and the earth including the sun, the moon and the stars. 

The Lapis Philosophorum or Philosophers’ Stone has been a characteristic attribute of the prophets since the early Middle Ages. By using this stone, the medieval science of alchemy was supposed to be able to turn base metals into gold and silver. In a diluted solution of a special ~Elixir<, this mysterious, cryptic stone has a rejuvenating and curative effect and brings you good fortune, love and happiness. Our little prophet does all of these good things for you with his magical stone.


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