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No 615 Steinbach Nutcracker Napoleon's Guard

Napoleon's Guard-You can immediately recognize the nationality of this patriotic Frenchman by his majestic uniform with its blue-white-and-red- colors. 

Napoleon too had his elite corps of body guards — his Garde du Corps — as was the general custom especially at the courts of sovereigns and kings. Their motto was: “The loyal guard fights and never surrenders. 

Even today there are still body guard units in monarchies and republics. The former Soviet Union used to confer the special title of “Guard” upon certain troop contingents that had especially distinguished themselves. In the USA too there’s a National Guard, which is really the federal militia. Only specially selected fellows make it into the elite guard — healthy both in mind and body and subjected to the most rigorous training. Elite guard units have always been the toughest of the tough, and you would be well advised not to tangle with them. 

Today you will find in all major capital cities and especially in cities with governmental headquarters, all kinds of guard troops performing security and honorary functions, and though they may not be called “guards”, you’ll recognize them by their white waist-belts.


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