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No 616 Steinbach Nutcracker Clown POPOW

Clown POPOW-Every now and again a real traveling circus used to come into my home town. Huge posters advertising the circus arrival were plastered on billboards everywhere, and then came the long procession of white circus wagons with all the exotic animals that fascinated young and old alike. Finally up went the four-masted big-top tent in what seemed like no time at all. In the afternoons there were performances meant especially for the children. The most popular of all the acts and my own favorite was the funny character Popow, who was really more a combination clown and musical artist. His rollicking banter was interspersed with a neverending stream of risque Polish and Czech words. He astounded us with his juggling act and with his ability to play four or five different instruments at the same time with his mouth, hands and feet. Popow the clown would always bring his little dressed-up monkey friend with him. The monkey would hold out an old hat in his tiny paws, and the spectators, if they were in a good mood, would throw a few pennies into it. But every once in a while there was no money forthcoming — Then Popow would do something quite naughty and improper — He would place his trumpet to his behind and let forth a mighty trumpet blast. 

This would instantly create laughter and hilarity among the onlookers and the money would start pouring into the monkey’s hat.


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