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No 619 Steinbach Nutcracker Tchaikovsky with music

Tchaikovsky with music-When I was in the United States in 1992 during the Christmas months — where I have been spending my Christmases for the last several years now — I couldn’t help but notice the many Tchaikovsky posters plastered all over billboards everywhere. I there upon learned that it was the 100th anniversary of the famous ballet ~The Nutcracker” (First performed in St. Peterburg in 1892). 

We at the Steinbach workshops immediately went to work on making a little Peter Tchaikovsky Nutcracker representing the famous composer from Russia (1840 — 1893), naturally with the trademark Russian fur hat. As the founder of the great Russian ballet tradition, he holds the strings of the dancing figures in his hand while a tiny ballet-king dances to the tune of the music. 

The brilliant artistry of this tiny figurine symbolizes the masterfully composed orchestral music and the world-renown of Peter Tchaikovsky


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