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No 620 Steinbach Nutcracker The Wish-List Santa

The Wish-List Santa-Let us be merry and be gay With joyful hearts on Christmas Day... Thus begins an old German Christmas song that originated in the Hunsrück Forest. Members of the American Military will certainly remember this central mountain chain located near the Rhine River. 

Yes, deep in the snow covered woodlands is where our Santa is at home. All good, decent people and well-behaved children can drop off their Christmas wish-list there. If you want all your wishes to be fulfilled, then all you need to do is turn the crank on the golden little gift package a few times and the melody Jingle Bells will play. 

Now that should be enough to put just about anyone in the right Christmas spirit, would’t you agree? — and because it is Christmas, we must be of good cheer; because Santa Claus is coming, whom we all love so dear...And even if Santa turns out to be only dad dressed up as Santa, the joy we all feel at Christmas is immeasurable.


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