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No 621 Steinbach Nutcracker King Arthur

King Arthur-King Arthur (Limited Edition 10.000) Even in East Germany there used to be King Arthur Societies. The legend of this noble and courageous king and the gallant “Knights of his Roundtable< seems to re-captivate the imagination of every new generation. It is a legend that combines mythological Celtic elements with tales from German folklore that date back to the Middle Ages. 

The original historical “Arthur” was a British tribal warrior leader around 500 AD, who protected his people against the invading enemy. His mythical magical sword “Excalibur<c — which, according to the legend, he drew out of a giant stone — conquered love and death. His famous residence, the castle Camelot, was the dowry of his beautiful wife Guinevere. Countless adventure films dramatize his external and internal battles for justice as wel as the many dangerous ordeals and exploits in which he tempted fate. Among them is the account of Arthur being abducted and brought by ship to the legendary fairy-island of “Avalon” after having been wounded and betrayed by his faithless clan. 

Like all legendary heroes, Arthur is immortal — just like our old German Kaiser Barbarossa, who supposedly still holds court in a cave deep in the Kyffhauser Montains and will one day come back again.  King Arthur of Avalon too will return again in all his power and glory to usher in an era of eternal peace, harmony and unending prosperity!


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