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No 624 Steinbach Nutcracker The Wizard

The Wizard 

Somewhere over the rainbow is the eternal emerald land of dreams. We succeeded in entering this hidden kingdom with our little wizard, the great conjurer of dreams. 

What child doesn’t dream with his inseparable cuddly teddy-bear; his little stuffed doll, rabbit, dog or elephant?!?! These are the tangible friends with whom every child shares his fears and joys. Our little wizard conjures up dreams for children to protect them from harm and to battle against everything bad and evil in this world. With his help, the good will always triumph. Our wizard can also turn dreams into reality, he can breath life back into lifelessness. Immeasurable is the scope of his powers! 

From his kingdom beyond the rainbow, our wizard brings joy, love and good fortune to those who possess and cherish him and he brightens up their mundane lives with good cheer. A!! you have to do is just believe in him with all your heart and soul!


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