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No 626 Steinbach Nutcracker American Mailman

The Mailman 

Neither wind, nor rain, nor dark of night. ..can stay this courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.

Just as the chimney sweep was considered a symbol of good fortune, so too did the mail man, always neatly dressed in his dapper uniform, enjoy this association of being a bringer of good luck. Old greeting cards attest to this. The historic postman brought people all kinds of neat things. By virtue of this dutiful and devoted servant, little packages, cards, telegrams — and most certainly, many wonderful love letters found their intended recipients. Whether on foot or on a bicycle, this man was always on the go in the good old days, no matter what the weather.

 In America of course, with its vast geographical land mass, the mail system is quite different. There, people’s residences are spread out over a much larger area. Mailboxes are therefore often set up along the streets in groups. The adjustable signal flag on the mailbox becomes a great help: 

It let’s everyone know from far away — the mail has indeed arrived today! 

But alas! The wonderful romance of the mail is today a thing of the past. Letters are no longer written personally )‘by hand” — no, today the typewriter or word processor takes care of that. Even the good old post office has been modernized. Stamps are dispensed in booklets from automatic machines. 

Our little mailman brings back memories of the old mail coach days and embodies the pride of all civilized nations in the postal system. Ever your devoted servant, he is plucky and resourceful, reliable and steadfast, and is always ready to bring you glad tidings of good fortune.


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