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No 628 Steinbach Nutcracker James Cook

James Cook 

The great English circumnavigator (1728 ó 1779) was the first to discover the East Coast of Australia. He is also famous for circumnavigating New Zealand. Under the commission of the English court he sailed the Quiet ocean or, as it is now called, The Pacific Ocean. The coasts of Alaska, the Bering Straits and Hawaii also count among his discoveries but also ultimately sealed his fate. He was killed in Hawaii in 1779 in a dispute over a woman. 

The name Cook has a great deal of history and tradition. The oldest travel agency in the world, Cook & Son was founded in 1845 in the British Isles by Thomas Cook. It was this travel agency that organized the first group travel tours providing experienced guided leadership. Today this company is operated by several thousand employees in 400 offices worldwide. They sell tickets for travel by train, ship and airplane as well.

 The next time youíre holding a Thomas Cook Travelerís Check in your hands, you can perhaps better appreciate all the rich history and tradition behind it.


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