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No 629 Steinbach Nutcracker Neptune


In ancient Greek mythology the gods inhabited the sea. Above all stood Poseidon — the lord over all the waters. The Romans called their god of the seas Neptune and his honorary day is celebrated on July 23rd. He is traditionally portrayed with a trident, a fish and dolphin. The horse too is sacred to Neptune and he is consequently often pictured in mythology having the lower anatomy of a horse. 

Much more interesting and fun today is the tradition of the Neptune baptism performed at the seaside resorts along the German North Sea coast. To musical accompaniment, the landlubber are led out into the shallows and totally immersed in the water. The bathers of course receive a proper glass of rum in the process and even an official document from the resort’s management commemorating the occasion. 

Sailors and motorboat enthusiasts too have a very similar initiation right. When I first cruised to the Adriatic on my boat PRINCIPAL III, the skippers of the other boats just couldn’t resist the opportunity to dunk the newcomer via Neptune baptism under the boat. Everyone had a great time as they all called out: Splich, splash, you’re taking a bath.


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