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No 635 Steinbach Nutcracker Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (Limited Edition: 12.000) 

Both his historical contributions as well as his scientific investigations made the American Benjamin Franklin (1706 ó 1790) famous throughout the world. He was a Puritan who practiced moderation, discipline and frugality as the basic principles for leading a good and successful life. Benjamin Franklin was also a co-signer of the Declaration of Independence (1776) 

His scientific investigations began with a simple kite, very much like the kind that children fly today. A metal key that happened to be rubbing back and forth along the kite string, thereby producing a great deal of friction, led to his discovery of static-electricity. (Itís the same static-electricity that accumulates in each of our wood- chip exhaust conduits at our workshops.) 

It wasnít long before he also discovered the principle of grounding (which is also something we have to do with each of our wood-chip conduits) ó and, quickly thereafter, he discovered the lightning rod. In most logical fashion he then came upon the discovery of the condensor. 

His accomplishments certainly give us cause for reflection: In the old days statesmen were more modest, less costly and blessed with genius. Letís wait and see what kinds of inventions our present-day politicians come up with!


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