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No 636 Steinbach Nutcracker Mouse King

The Mouse-King (Limited Edition = 10.000) 

Look who’s here! It’s the Mouse King! Our little Klara is quite afraid of his ferocious-looking teeth and fearsome sword. But help is on the way! Herr Drosselmeyer’s wooden nutcracker has turned into a very much alive Prince. Deftly he draws his sword and the battle is on. The resulting furor of metal dashing against metal makes the sparks fly causing the dazzling light from the jewelbedecked crown of the Mouse-King to sparkle all the more. 

Klara lets out a scream in the middle of her slumber, but then falls back into a deep an relaxed sleep. The Nutcracker Prince has stayed his attack and the Mouse-King lies vanquished at his feet. Now the Mouse-King too has become yet another collectible addition that we have brought to life from the tales of Hoffman and from Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker Suite.


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