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No 638 Steinbach Nutcracker Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot (Limited Edition: 12.000) 

Another gallant member of the famed Knights of the Round Table of King Arthurís court was Lancelot. The child of a king to be sure, but orphaned at an early age because his father succumbed to a serious wound in the battle against Scotland. Enshrouded in mystery is his upbringing and origin ó a place deep under a lake in a distant kingdom far beyond the scope of our imagination. This far away land is called Faery, where there is no pain or suffering or tears, where the flowers bloom and dear waters flow. In Faery, Evil is unknown. 

Legend has it that on the day of the summer solstice Lancelot appeared in shining silver armor and was personally knighted in the cathedral of the Castle of Camelot by King Arthur himself. Afterwards Sir Lancelot rode out to battle as a valiant and courageous knight. He performed so many extraordinary deeds that he became the talk of all England. Incredible battles followed with bands of evil sorcerers, with two monstrous ogres, with thieves and with a giant dragon. Sir Lancelot proves himself invincible, bold and courageous, but underneath his iron armor, there beats a heart of gold. 

Like all the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot too ventured out in all directions of the wind to search for the Holy Grail. To this day we await his return. In the meantime there remains an empty chair in the castle of Camelot with the letters: LanceIot du Lac inscribed with precious jewels.


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