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No 639 Steinbach Nutcracker Casanova


Yes, there are supposedly still Casanovas amongst us men even to this day. But are they to be envied or feared? 

The true or historical Casanova was an Italian, of course! He was born in 1725 in Venice and became famous and quite successful after escaping from the torture chambers there, also known as the lead chambers (which can still be seen today). Driven by an insatiable lust for life, Casanova roamed throughout Europe as a gambler, a con-artist, a musician, a miracle healer, a diplomat and of course, a clever ladies’ man. He was a superb judge of human nature and an excellent observer, and he made it his business to acquaint himself with all the famous and notorious (women-) personalities of his day. 

His memories (1774), which can make women blush and men become nervous even today, belong to the type of literature you would not usually display in full view on your library shelf, but would prefer to keep hidden from view in a secret compartment. So people beware and be on your guard against the Casanovas! They are here and everywhere among us.


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