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No 642 Steinbach Nutcracker The Aviator

The Aviator 

Wind, weather and clouds are the elements that an aviator must deal with. Manís ambition to take to the air like the birds in the sky is as old as mankind itself. With the many kinds of aircraft that exist today, manís dreams have been fulfilled. We have hot-air balloons as well as helium- filled airships, and of course, passenger airliners and wonderful sport flier-planes. 

The rapid development of air-travel is truly remarkable: 1901 = the airship Graf Zeppelin, 1913 = the Brothers Wright, 1928 = Lindbergís first transatlantic flight, 1939 the first turbo-jet propelled motor (HE 178), 1941 = the first rocket flight (ME 163), 1954 = the establishment of the Atlantic passengers airlines, and then in rapid succession, squadrons of modern passenger jet planes from America as well as from Russia. Even the Europeans are into it again with the development of spacious aircraft that are especially quiet and extremely economical in conserving fuel. For all airborne pursuits, be they behalf of an avocation or of an occupation, we need the services of an enthusiastic and dutiful aviator; or a pilot, or a flight-captain. Like an organist, he has a profusion of buttons and controls, of switches and levers that he must operate with his hands and feet. Signal-beacons flicker in unison with the radar screen. But we sit in airplanes in comfortable seats, above us the radiant blue skies and below us the white clouds, that look like giant whipped-cream mountains.


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