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No 644 Steinbach Nutcracker Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt (Limited Edition: 10.000) 

Is there anyone alive who isn’t familiar with Teddy-Bears, the cuddly plush-bears from the STEIFF-Factory in Germany that have been sold by the millions?!? Their namesake, at least according to the Steiff company’s own account, was the American president Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. Developed in 1902 by Richard Steiff, this little plush animal was an incredible success racking up sales of 974.000 pieces in the year 1907, a record incidentally, that has never been broken. 

The man after whom these bears were christened — Theodore Roosevelt (1858 — 1919) — was President of the United States from 1901 — 1909 and had already become famous and somewhat of a folk hero as the leader of the famous voluntary regiment known as the Rough Riders  in the war against Spain (1898) for control of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. 

Theodore Roosevelt was also the man primarily responsible for seeing the construction of the Panama Canal through to its completion, thereby creating the second most important canal route in the world. 

His political successes, his mark of distinction as leader of the Rough Riders, his prominent pince-nez glasses on his nose and of course, the Teddy-Bear, make the 26th President of the United States a truly unforgettable character.


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