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No 649 Steinbach Nutcracker King Ernst August


Dear Collector, 

A journey through Germany always takes you past old fortresses and castles. You will be amazed at their splendour and gold. Now the clouds are drifting over the historical places. Anecdotes, legends and myths go with them, memories of the past, very active life in these residences. Who knows what personal fate unites us with them? Old court etiquette still dictates many of our social forms... 

We have assembled the most prominent members of the royal court into a distinguished set of figures. Which one is your favourite? If you should still miss someone, you’ll find him or her in our additions next year. Our customers are always right, like kings — as we say in Germany — with a large court of course! 

Yours affectionately CHRISTIAN STEINBACH President Designed and manufactured in Germany by STEINBACH GMBH


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