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No 661 Steinbach Nutcracker The Henpecked Husband

The Henpecked Husband (SIipperhero) 

We in Germany were the very last to be caught. From Greece, via Italy and France the slipper didn’t reach Germany until the 15th century. It is, however, not simply a form of footwear, but also a symbol of power and subservience. It can also be considered a sign of command and sovereignity. A great mark of esteem was shown to emperors and kings by kissing their slippers and even today such respect is shown to the pope. In married life men who are henpecked are called >slipper heroes~ in Germany. In their pub or club they are braggarts — but at home they creep into the corner when their >>beloved” appears. It doesn’t matter whether we mean the North Germany word for slipper Pantinen, the East German Babuschen, the Bavarian Papotsche or the Austrian Schlappen or whether they are made of wood, felt or silk. So men be tactful, kiss the slippers of your wife — it makes life so much easier! — Or would you prefer a sound thrashing?


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