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No 662 Steinbach Nutcracker Dc. Eisenbarth

The Dc. Eisenbarth 

Hello, may I introduce myself? 

Dc. Eisenbarth is my name, I was born in 1661 in Upper Pfalz, a state in Germany now, and I died near Hannover in 1727. Stein- bach folkart manufacturer revived me again. During my lifetime I was a healer and successful doctor and knew more about medicine to cure the many illnesses than anybody arround me. I had to offer my services and sell my ointments in the streets which made me almost a pitchman in medicine. 

How many people today still think about me is proved by the fact that the Deutsche Bundespost (German Mail Service) issued a special stamp 1976, an opera was written about me in 1921, and somebody even wrote a novel about me. 

For over 100 years children have been singing a rhyme about me: I am Dc. Eisenbarth, widdewiddewittbumbum, I cure people in may own way, widdewiddewittbumbum, I make the lame ones walk again, and the blind ones see again... It was not easy in my days, as I had to give a narcosis with a wooden hammer, listen to the heart beat with a primitive stethoscope and had to use the money syringe for other circulation problems.


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