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No 664 Steinbach Nutcracker The Village Blacksmith

The Village Blacksmith 

In Germany we say that every man forges his own fortune.  This is hardly surprising since the forging of iron is one of the oldest crafts invented by man. Many other professions using metal originate from the craft of forging where by red-hot iron is shaped by powerful blows from a hammer. The iron which is thus thickened cannot then be stretched, bent or broken. Fire, a hammer and an anvil are the tools of the blacksmith, but one must distinguish between the many kinds of work. The blacksmith who does more artistic work is different from the farrier and a smith who specializes in carts. Similarly, one must differentiate between work done at the drop forge and that of the armourer. The latter is also well versed in iron cutting, engraving and etching, the removal of rust by heating and dipping in oil, and gilding. — One remembers ~Wieland the Schmied” the ancient Germanic heroic saga Edda — Forced by the greedy king Nidhad to carry out artistic work with wrought iron, he frees himself using wings that he forges himself, rises into the air and escapes. 

Many Surnames originate from such an old craft. For example, Schmieder, Schmitt, Smith, Schmidt can all be traced back to the old blacksmith. But the saying “every man forges his own fortune<~ should remind us to form our own life so that we can live happily in harmony.


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