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No 665 Steinbach Nutcracker The wooden Shoemaker

The wooden Shoemaker 

Suddenly they have become fashionable again, the wooden shoes or clogs, as the new shoes with the thick healthy wooden soles are now called. No one seems to remember any more that God Almighty — oh! so long ago — caught a wooden shoemaker working on a Sunday. Don’t you know that the Sabbath is holy, asked God. What do I care, said the obstinate shoemaker, if it’s Sunday or Monday. God then punished the man by sending him to the moon for eternity, and since then ~the man in the moon with his bundle of wooden shoes” can be seen when the night is clear. 

On the 21st July 1969 the Americans Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin visited the moon. They didn’t bring the man in the moon back with them, but since then the wooden shoes have been suspiciously popular!


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