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No 668 Steinbach Nutcracker The Miller


We have this Folk-song in Germany: Das muB kein rechter MŁller sein, dem niemals fiel das Wandern em ... vom Wasser haben wirís gelernt... 

Yes, that is quite a well-kown folk song here and deals with water mills, as opposed to windmills, steam or electric mills. From time immemorial there have been mill rights and obligations depending on the owner of the mill. With our miller itís always a special right of the waters. The water powers the mill, whether itís a corn, oil, paper or saw mill. Such a miller needs a lot of technical understanding and also a sense of smell and touch. The grain must always be checked for moisture, colour, smell, size of corn and form, and the miller must also detect pollutants and pests. With grain millstones made of French quartz with a diameter up to 21/2 metres were normally used. Below the fixed ground stone, above the moveable stone with the specially carved sharp edges of the air furrows.

Recently we found a genuine, well-preserved millstone on the grounds of our factory while excavating. We shall put it up at our entrance as a memorial to the old mill which stood here 200 years ago.


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