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No 669 Steinbach Nutcracker Farmer


Only the small farmers in Poland still carry as many hand tools as our farmer here. They still plough the fields with a plough and a horse. 

Under German conditions concerns of 2 — 5 hectares count as small farmers, 5—20 hectares as medium-sized farmers, 20— 100 as big farmers and over 100 — well, that is a farm estate. In our village we have only one manor and the majority are mediumsized farms. There’s Fritz Künnemann and August Bennecke, Gieseke and Friehe — and they make sure that everything in the village runs smoothly. Even the forest, where our nutcracker wood comes from, belongs to our farmers. They farm this individually for their communal good. — The state foresters could take a leaf out of their book in this. Hunting rights in the field and the forest can be rented from our farmers too. They then buy machines for their communal use from the proceeds. So you can see it’s much easier here than in Poland. But what about drinking? — well, they enjoy a drink here too. Admittedly it’s not Vodka — but old August won’t say no to a good French cognac.


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