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No 671 Steinbach Nutcracker Hermann the Cheruscan

Hermann the Cheruscan 

The battle in the Teutoburger Wald in the year 9 A.D. has preoccupied many researchers already. 

What a surprise when in 1868 here on our doorstep near Hildesheim which in Germanic means battlefield a finding of silver treasure, consisting of 69 valuable pieces for a banquet, was made originals are now in Berlin. 

Is it the “Silver Treasure of the Roman governor Varus? In fact, there in the North German forests around the Steinhuder Meer the Cheruscan prince Arminius fought. He was later wrongly called Hermann. A 56 metre high monument has been erected near Detmold in his honour and is well worth a visit. In the Schneeberger Latin school we had to translate Old Tacitus where a worthy memorial for Arm inius appears in the annals II, 88: 


In English:  Without doubt the liberator of Germania, in battles with varied success, but in war undefeated.


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