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No 672 Steinbach Nutcracker Count Luckner

Count Luckner 

In the period between the two world wars an old sea dog by the name of Felix Count von Luckner was very popular both in the U.S.A. and among the youth of Germany where he captivated his listeners with tales of the sea. He was one of the last great sailing ship seamen and became famous as commander of the auxiliary cruiser “Seeadler” which towed home a number of captured ships after breaking through the English blockade. 

Like many seamen he didn’t come from the Waterkant but from Dresden, which was the capital of the kingdom of Saxony at that time. Due to this, perhaps he had a little of August the Strong’s blood in him. For entertainment at parties he used to tear thick telephone books in half before the eyes of amazed observers. Admittedly he didn’t manage the telephone itself but now we could use the old count nowadays when the eternal ringing sometimes gets on our nerves.


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