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No 673 Steinbach Nutcracker Lippe Detmold Soldier

Lippe Detmold Soldier 

In a widely known folk song we say: Lippe Detmold, a wonderful town...” and the song comes, like our smart Lippischer Schütze from the days of the wars of liberation (1813). The song was adapted to its present form before the 1st world war (1914 —1918). The old counts of the Lippe-Detmold-Empire divided into several collateral lines over 600 years. I’m sure you’d be interested to know that Bernhard Leopold — Prince of Netherlands” — husband of Dutch Queen Julia originates from this old German high nobility. He is a Lippe-Biesterfeld — a line which after the dispute over succesion (1897 — 1905) reigned in Detmold until the founding of the free state of Lippe-Detmold in 1918 These days Detmold is an administrative district in North-RhineWestfalia. The old tradition, the pride and uniform of the Lippischer Schützen have remained. Even now you’ll hear the song with heart and hand for the fatherland being diligently sung in this area. A Lippischer is always full of dash, and has a shot like a flash!”


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