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No 674 Steinbach Nutcracker Water Carrier

Water-Carrier (Aquarius) 

When people come to Nuremberg they go to ))Golden Fountain.< They may turn the little golden ring three times and taste the water of life, which often leads to amusing spilling and splashing with strangers. 

Then our merry old water carrier is there to lend a hand. He’s often called Aquarius because of his star sign. The wondrous water has been the source of life for us all ever since Babylonian times. In many places it has healing powers — and our Aquarius here is bringing the water for beauty! What for? Well, for the baking of the famous gingerbread women of course. A real nutcracker loves his sweet gingerbread women with her large flirtatious ‘almond eyes Oh, don’t her eyes like raisins glow with love and happiness (Findeisen). 

Water of beauty — water of beauty — you don’t have to go to Paris to find it! Our Aquarius has two buckets full of pure nature on hand. Happily he stands in front of you — you only have to firmly believe in it.


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