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No 675 Steinbach Nutcracker Augustus the Strong

Augustus the Strong 

Our Homeland Saxony lies in the middle of the OLD-GERMANY. Friedrich August I. was our elector — he was born in Dresden 1670 and he died in Warsaw 1733 as well as King of Poland. You can still visit his sarcophagus in the W’awel of Krakow.

He certainly was an unusual man, our STRONG AUGUSTUS! He could break horseshoes into pieces with his bare hands. His residences experienced the courtly splendour of glorious, boisterous and sensual banquets. Augusts I. was a just monarch of his Saxony in the motherland of Protestantism with a talent for artistic architecture (Dresdner Zwinger) but also for trade and commerce, for business and technology (the invention of porcelain by Böttcher and v. Tschirnhaus). However, he is even today blamed for becoming catholic again by assuming the Polish crown.

 Anyway the girls of Saxony and Poland who were not so puritanical liked being with Augustus the Strong, and when the Prime Minister Graf Brühl on one occasion wanted to congratulate him on his 353rd child, his Highnessc said gracefully: “You are exaggerating, your Worship’ it’s only 352! Well, who knows who might be a descendant of Augustus the Strong?


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