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No 677 Steinbach Nutcracker Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa 

Hey, have a look at this! She looks younger every day! Our dear Grandma — isn’t she sweet and seductive? And our dear Grandpa — why is he looking so suspicious — is he afraid that Grandma’s temperament won’t allow him any peace at night? Or is he looking so suspicious because Grandma is going him a piece of her mind again? That is said to happen now and again when he doesn’t come out of his local pub on time. 

The beer in Germany, brewed according to the Bavarian law of purification of 1516, tastes pretty good after all. Grandma’s ~teatime< chums went home a long time ago... No, no, such ladies don’t get excited when playing card games like bridge or whist. But they can excite in quite different ways! Grandpa, you must watch out! ... Oh my almond nut how sweet, you’re almost too good to eat — And remember: “The harder the nut, the sweeter the meat!”


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