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No 678 Steinbach Nutcracker Town Crier

Town Crier 

Here is one of the very old models of the STEIN BACH nutcrackers. He originates from our long-deceased former master Johann Jüttner from Ottmachau/Silesia. 

In the old Empire such a town-crier was a respectable official. Naturally in a magnificent uniform — with a long sabre touching the ground. He was always an old ex-sergeant-major from the imperial army. His sonorous voice was powerful. A town-crier read out good and bad news, announcements, decrees and laws at predetermined places to the people. 

As sign of his intentions he would take a large bell in his hand and gather the curious inhabitants around him like this. He would take protests and explanations upon himself. The mayor always had it easy, and when it got really bad — bah, the town-crier simply arrested the people and locked them up in the fire station of the voluntary fire-brigade. A town-crier was after all a court usher and official of the prosecuting attorney’s office! 

Yes, it was just like that in >1he good old days!


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