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No 680 Steinbach Nutcracker Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson 

In 1983, when we launched our story no 51 nutcracker Sherlock Holmes we didn’t realize that we’d have to put his friend Dr. Watson alongside him in our lifetime. There’s no end to crime stories on TV. 

Modern detective stories demand astute deductions of pretty complicated problems. Wide knowledge of nature, chemistry and physics are required. Detective stories are mostly written for entertainment nowadays. 

They are no longer nice fairy tales about vagabonds and rascals where good always triumphs over evil. No, today it’s mostly about murder and manslaughter. But our Dr. Watson nutcracker is a much smarter guy. Put him right next to our Sherlock Holmes. You’ll see how alert they both are. You don’t need an expensive private eye, as our two here will reveal — at 12 o’clock midnight sharp — where the mystery man is prowling around, in a few seconds life will come into the loyal, upright companions. — You must watch them very closely.


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