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No 684 Steinbach Nutcracker Happy Wanderer

Happy Wanderer 

You can hang a case or a backpack on your back or of course a box of tricks or a bag full of money and inexhaustible provisions for the journey. These days you can go hiking, travel or fly in every way. 

My song book from my scouting days says: Wem Gott will rechte Gunst erweisen, den schickt er in die weite Welt... 

That is a fine and apt song. When I was in the scouts we sometimes would bellow it out on the beautiful sand paths of our homeland. The world has changed drastically, and I would never have imagined as a small boy that I would travel round the world by plane. I guess itís true: I like to go a-wandering... Of course I now do the 30 ó 40 km walk by car and Iíve swopped fatherís railway and ship for the plane. My grandfather and greatgrandfather were once in the venerable, 4500 year old Cheopspyramids in Egypt. Recently I went there too. ó Out of respect for my fore fathers as well as the ancient pyramids.


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