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No 685 Steinbach Nutcracker Pharmacist


In the famous castle at Heidelberg you can not only see the largest wine cask in the world (221.726 litres) and student pubs. In the Heidelberg castle is also the German Museum of pharmacy. Complete, medieval pharmcies are constructed there, of course also the famous pharmacy scales which measure everything so terribly exactly: 1 scrupulum = 1,25 gramm = 20 gran and 1 granum = 0,06 gramms. 

There powder and pills, tablets and dragees as well as uvula and solutions, tinctures and infusions were all weighed. Of course we are a bit suspicious of these old alchemists — the predominate base elements were salt, sulphur and quicksilver then. The most important aim was the search for the stone of the wise — and of course the search for gold by the conversion of metal. 

So, here we have it. In Germany a modern pharmacy is obviously also on the look out for gold — these days by converting our medical certificates into money. So-called pharmacists prices prove that. They always charge 10.99 DM, rather than 11 DM, so that we don’t notice the high price!


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