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No 686 Steinbach Nutcracker St. Patrick

St. Patrick 

Green is the colour of the Irish island. Indeed green is the colour of the Irish people. They are proud of their St. Patrick’s Dayc (17th March). Then they always wear something green. Nowadays the holy St. Patrick is shrouded in legend. In fact he lived from 385 to 460. He was taken from England as a boy and was educated in Gaul (on the European continent therefore). Back on the emerald isle Ireland he influenced North and West Ireland as a Christian missionary. St. Patrick is a happy man — so it means good health and happiness for you to own him as a nutcracker. Double your million is written on this bag full of pieces of gold. What’s more: the Patrick cross (a sloping cross) is a piece of English history. The red cross (in the coat of arms of the Fitzgerald lineage) was added to the English flag (1801) “Junior Jack” Sailors and mariners know what the “Gösch” is — the little bow flag in the harbour. That is St. Patrick too!


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